Strange Loop is Morten Heiberg and Thor Frølich. We are makers of fine software for mobile and desktop platforms with a strong preference for iPhoneiPad, other iOS-based devices and the Mac.


Morten has been a programmer forever. He even has some sort of education in the stuff. He’s done embedded systems and mobile phone work. Then he worked on several AAA [1] game titles, before going freelance.

Thor was a 3D graphics artist, who then became a level designer, who then became a game designer. Then one glorious day he discovered programming. Now he does that a lot.

We met at Io Interactive, where we hung out and worked on games (such as the Hitman seriesMini Ninjas and Kane & Lynch). Now we’re doing iOS, iPhone and iPad development for fun and profit instead.

  1. Oh, we’re glad you asked. A rating of AAA [trippāl’ai] means that a game has a colossal marketing budget. Usually exceeding the development costs.